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Last Line of Retreat

In association with: Jumpbutton Studios.

I was lucky enough to release my first designed game recently. I was in charge of 6 developers over the course of year as we made our mobile game; "Last Line of Retreat" which is now available on Android and iOS as a free-to-play game after 13'000 people tried out the game in it's beta. As well coming up with the original concept and being the project lead, I was also in charge of creating all the art and animation in the game as well as writing supporting game design documents, UI design, creating marketing materials, writing for the trailers and also assigning priority-based tasks to various team members in order to keep the project on track.

The game is an action based endless runner where you're trying to reach as far down as you can while trying to escape a fire-wall.


Vin hill 00

Last Line Of Retreat: Launch Trailer with Gameplay

Last Line Of Retreat: Reveal Story Trailer

Vin hill pcanimgif

"The Dude" general animations used in the game.

Vin hill enemysheet 37x37 as

Enemy "Reds" general animations used in the game.

Vin hill companions as

Companions which the player unlocks through ranking up.

Vin hill 03
Vin hill as llor marketing

I produced the majority of marketing materials for the game to be shared on Social Media.

Vin hill trailermouthrefs

Trailer Animation Assets and references