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Game Design

[ Example pitch docs available upon request ]

I was the lead designer at JUMPBUTTON STUDIOS, an indie group of like-minded games developers where we created Last Line of Retreat for mobile platforms. We went on to be selected in the early access program on Android and we're due for release on iOS before the summer of 2018. I lead a group of 6-8 on the project throughout the year of production.

After production was wrapped on Last Line of Retreat, I took to setting up HILLFORT GAMES, to start production on LONG GONE. A pc title due for release in 2019/20 which i've been developing in my spare time at home. 

I have always written Game Design Documents and Pitch Documents throughout my life but have only recently put them into practice. Being a concept artist was always a means to an end for some projects. Either way; I just want to make kickass games with awesome people.